Design sprint planning.

IE's Design Sprint product helps teams co-create ideas, prototype solutions, test them on real people, and create compelling business cases for change.

Insights through research.

Are you building the right thing for your audience?

To involve your customer in your design process, you might schedule a focus group, or spend a few months to gather insights through research. You might simply make some assumptions and start building.

Advocate for change

Advocate for change.

In the meantime, what will your competitors be doing? Will your audience grow tired and move on? And when you’ve found a solution that you like, how do you convince your business that it’s the right thing to do?
IE has created a two-week Design Sprint to solve each of these problems. As a team, by quickly defining a problem, considering many solutions, prototyping the best ones and testing them on real customers, we create valuable insights and compelling customer videos to help you advocate for real change.

I cannot stress enough how successful this is being seen internally, and so much of that can be directly attributed to IE Digital. I’m constantly getting over-positive feedback about how fantastic the user interface is, how great it looks and how easy it is to use.

Insights delivered

1-2 min highlight reel

A compelling playback of the most dramatic and insightful test results.

Executive summary deck

A highlight focussed deck, co-branded with the client for maximum impact.

7-10 page report

In depth transcript of customer testing drawing detailed conclusions.

Your free whitepaper

Download the whitepaper to hear more about how to run a design sprint.

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