Bupa engaged IE Digital to support from a process and technology point of view and build out their internal capabilities around agile; the resulting outcome was successful for all involved.

The key learnings from this project are:

  • Agile enables businesses to quickly and iteratively deliver the highest business value items to market quickly

  • Planning and re-framing projects can be valuable in ensuring MVP gets to market when required
  • Customer testing is crucial in delivering a truly customer-centric solution, as is optimisation once live
  • Cross-functional teams, with support of a leading expert, are able to adapt their ways of working to benefit the business ongoing.
  • bupa-knowledge-management

    Knowledge Management in Bupa

    Within Bupa’s current Transformation Program, the ‘Knowledge Management’ (KM) team has been recognised for implementing a leading foundational project. Bupa called the platform ‘Know-it’, with the main aim being to enable users to provide higher quality interactions for customers by ensuring they can always find consistent, usable information exactly when needed.

    The main objectives for the project were to:

    Pioneer an agile way of working in Bupa

    Create an MVP and transition quickly to a continuous delivery team

    Become user-centric and involve users throughout the process

    The second phase of Bupa ‘Know-it’ began in October 2016. In the 6 months prior, the team had completed a vision, strategy and roadmap process, which then resulted in a successful business case outcome for the ongoing project.

    Following this, the team had an extensive list of requirements to go into delivery and realised the needed to take a step back and reprioritise. The challenge was: how might we distill down the backlog in order to deliver an Minimum Viable Product (MVP) before the end of 2016?

    The combined team of Bupa and IE quickly kicked off the re-planning of the project by running IE’s Agile Plan product. This is a series of workshops, conducted over a 4 week period, which ensures just enough planning is done just in time to deliver an agile project.

    Analysis, design, planning and estimation are the areas of focus, whilst also bringing together different business areas around the common goal of solving user problems. Planning for large-scale technical projects usually takes over 12 months in a waterfall environment, but given Bupa’s vision to enhance the organisation’s agile ways of working quickly, the Agile Plan was an ideal fit.

    Team and capability

    A true partnership that enabled change

    By co-locating, the combined Bupa and IE Digital team were able to rapidly learn that traditional ‘change management’ methods were not going to be valuable in this project.

    The team itself was also a partnership, which included cross-functional capabilities in the following areas:

    • Project Management
    • Product Owner
    • Scrum Master / Iteration Management
    • UI Design
    • UX Design
    • Testing
    • Development (back and front-end)
    • Content production

    Coaching and knowledge succession

    An integral part of the process for Bupa was the way IE Digital coached the internal team so the organisation could not only retain its IP, but also embrace new ways of working ongoing.

    The major goal with this was to build the team’s capability through establishing a knowledge succession plan. This essentially was co-creating knowledge in the following ways:
    • Learning by doing- the Bupa and IE team became one throughout the project, so each learnt from the other’s existing ways of working
    • Sprint based learning - in truly utilising the agile methodology, and by delivering working technology into production every two weeks, the Bupa team were able to adapt from their former ways of working and embed learning in each cycle.
    “With the KM project we’ve been able to practically demonstrate how teams can change their ways of working smoothly AND quickly. In IS we’re positively benefitting from the closer working relationship with the business – we are functioning as one team – and it’s a shining example for the future. We’ve transitioned with few problems from the project to business as usual – there is no difference in momentum or mindset.”
    Sami Yalavac - Chief Information Officer for Bupa Australia and New Zealand