The keynote speakers at 2015’s Agile Australia conference discussed their top 5 techniques to create a successful agile culture for digital-first organisations. Firstly, The Hillside Group COO, Linda Rising, stresses the importance of corporate evangelism, or having the belief that an idea is successful and suitable for your organisation. Next, Rising emphasised the effectiveness of identifying and building small-scale successes, as opposed to preoccupying yourself and your company with large changes.

Rising’s third piece of advice in creating an agile environment was to use coercion wisely. Coercion often enforces the opposite of agility leading to short-term visions and strict compliance. Removing the fear factor as well as embracing openness, respect and listening skills were also important factors in creating an effective agile environment. Finally, thought leader and agile software developer, James Shore, discussed the need for organisations to recognise and invest in their ‘agile fluency model’, as well as creating a dedicated workspace for teamwork and effective communication amongst team members.

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